Evaluation in Management

Evaluation in Management

Evaluation results are a central part of the municipality’s management and result information. The evaluation provides a different type of information and requires more thorough analyses than can normally be done in the ongoing performance measurement. In addition, evaluation can contribute to a learning and development perspective.

Evaluation is to provide a qualitative description and assessment of something. Evaluation is a systematic data collection, analysis and assessment of a planned, ongoing or ended activity, instrument, or sector. Evaluations can be carried out before a measure is taken, during implementation, or after the measure has been completed. Evaluations can be carried out by internal or external academic environments.

Nidecon offers evaluations and simple mappings.

For example, evaluation is suitable when we want to analyse cause-impact ratios or we want an assessment of which instruments are most appropriate. Evaluation can be used in disputed and difficult measurable areas or in areas where we want broad knowledge or in areas where we want in-depth knowledge. Evaluation can be useful in areas where we want knowledge of causes of, for example, lack of achievement or when we want knowledge of reasons why the potential of a business is not exploited.

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