Privacy statement

Privacy statement

Personal data is information that may be linked to you as a person. For NIDECON, it is important that you know what kind of personal data we process so that you can safeguard your rights under the Privacy Act.

NIDECON is the controller of all processing of personal data in which we decide for ourselves the purpose of the processing of the information and the instruments we use for this. I privacy policy on this page can be read more about the NIDECON is the controller of the controller. The declaration has been prepared to ensure that you ensure that NIDECON processes personal data in line with data protection legislation and research ethical guidelines.

1. What kind of personal data does NIDECON process?
NIDECON collects and processes personal data for statistical purposes and communication. It applies:

  • When you visit our website
  • Information collected for use in statistics
  • Once you have reported you at an event or seminar
  • When you subscribe to our newsletter
  • Once you have applied job with us
  • Once you have sent contact us or otherwise contact us with us

2. How is the information secured?
Nidecon’s internal control system ensures that personal data is safeguarded under the Personal Data Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The system contains rules and procedures for how personal data is processed, including how they are secured, who has access and whether they can be extradited to others.

Most of NIDECONs ICT systems are operated by Loopedia with servers in Sweden. For data with an open, low or medium degree of protection, some other suppliers are used.

3. Contact information data protection request
Name: Hans Martin Førsund, Head of Department NIDECON