Responsible Procurement

Responsible Procurement

Nidecon assists in securing responsible public procurement.

The public, i.e. The State, county and municipal authorities, as well as other public bodies and to some extent public enterprises, are covered by the rules on public procurement (procurement law and regulation). That means, among other things, that they are committed to facilitating their procurement practices so that it helps reduce harmful environmental impact and promote climate-friendly solutions, as well as promote respect for basic human rights.

Failure to follow the rules risks legal action over temporary injunction and compensation, and that the contract becomes known invalid. In addition, you risk an infringement charge.

In practice, the rules mean that suppliers must show accountability in relation to the environment, climate and human rights throughout the value chain – from production to delivery. This means in turn that routines and guidelines must be drawn up for the procurement and procurement process, and these should be based on risk analysis in relation to the procurement. Often this means that a plan of action must also be made to take care of the considerations in the various stages of the procurement process.

NIDECON has a basic package that will be able to help ensure that procurement rules are met in relation to climate, the environment and human rights. The basic package includes meetings with key players and provides an overview of areas that may be important in relation to climate, the environment and human rights.

The basic package costs 25,000,-.

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